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church welcomeWelcome to the website of the Church of St Mary the Virgin Ware. We are an open and lively church community, worshipping in a beautiful historic building in the centre of Ware.

This website will introduce you to St Mary’s, our worship, the building, the St Mary’s community, and upcoming events and activities.

The church building is open daily from 9am until 3pm. Guide booklets and information are available to help you explore the building, and there is often someone around to chat with. There are plenty of little corners for private prayer and reflection, with places to light a candle, leave a prayer request, read the bible, and sit quietly and contemplate. The sacrament is reserved in the Lady Chapel.

As you enter, on the left there is a bookstall for you to browse – and buy from. There are even some comfortable chairs if you want to sit and read what you have found.

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St Mary the Virgin

This church is named for Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary was the young, unmarried, woman God called to be the mother of his son. St Luke’s Gospel tells us the story of Mary’s call in chapter 1, verses 26 – 56

Life events and special services

Please follow the links here to find out more about baptisms, weddings, confirmation, funerals and memorial services


Some key dates to note in the next few weeks:

  • Sunday 22nd April, 11.00am, APCM
  • Sunday 6th May, Godparent Sunday
  • Monday 7th May, 12.30pm, Lunchtime Concert – Ambrose String Quartet
  • Monday 21st May, 12.30pm, Community Lunch

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Together we are Giving Hope

The Diocese of St Albans have made a short two minute film called “Together”.

Please click the image below to watch the film.
Hope Video


We are always looking for new ways to raise funds to keep this church running and for special causes. In line with this we have become an Amazon affiliate. Which means that if you are considering buying something online through Amazon and if you go there from our site (by clicking the image) en-route to your purchase, The church will receive a small percentage of the price paid. It will not affect the price you pay.